The Hamburg Police Department serves the Borough of Hamburg in Sussex County, NJ. If you need to reach our department, please call 973-827-6211.

The Hamburg Borough Police Department is a law enforcement agency that is dedicated to protect human life, property, and to maintain the peace and order. police-photoThe Department will strive to enhance the quality of life, keep the peace, reduce fear, and provide a safe environment for those who live, work, or travel through our community. In reaching our mission, our members will fairly and impartially enforce laws and ordinances, while respecting the Constitutional rights of the public, and serving the public with respect, fairness, and sensitivity.

***This page is monitored and maintained by the Hamburg Police Department and is designed for informational purposes only. This is not official police information. It is intended to share information rapidly with the public and there is no guaranty to the accuracy of the information. Posting of comments is allowed, however, this agency reserves the right to remov e any comments it deems inappropriate. This site is not intended to receive complaints or requests for police service. Please contact Hamburg Police Dispatch at (973) 827-6211 if you need assistance***